Skills You Should Look For in Hiring Sales & Marketing

Skills You Should Look For in Hiring Sales and Marketing
Let’s talk about the Skills You Should Look For in Hiring Sales & Marketing!


We get that it didn’t work out with the last person you hired or you’re afraid to hire someone because your friend’s recruitment venture turned into a horror story.


Don’t worry, we won’t be talking about technical skills as every company and industry is different so tools and service/product knowledge always vary.


With that in mind, let’s tackle the attributes that make a character a good fit for effective sales and marketing roles.


1. Continuous Improvement

A lifelong learner is cautious of situations when everything seems falling into place. Comfort often leads to complacency and stagnance. In sales and marketing, you have to keep on moving forward. It is best to find someone who is always on the lookout for what’s uptrend as what’s working today may not work tomorrow—especially when everyone is already doing it.


2. DataDriven

People in business development are mostly opinionated. More than ideas, they should also be able to show data and know if the data is skewed or misleading. If you have people who digest information critically and process it first before any knee-jerk responses, you are a step away from the risk of failures that look shiny at first glance.


3. Decisiveness & SelfLeadership

Leaders who build future successes are precise about what they want and what they need to do. It is imperative to find people who are not half-hearted with their objectives. If you’re looking to have individuals who need triggers in everything they do, you might as well automate it with AI assistants.


4. Grit or Resilience

The hardest part of being in sales and marketing is that you have to eat rejection for breakfast. For average workers, it could be discouraging to have this as a part of their daily lives. The ability of a salesperson or a marketer to get back on foot every time this happens is a key to their success.


5. Organisation and ProcessOrientation

If you don’t get it yet, most of the sales and marketing professionals seem like they have ADHD. More often than not this helps them in their roles but you can only tolerate so much of it. At the end of the day, your team’s results are still impacted by their productivity. You won’t be able to maximise that without streamlining your processes and establishing standard operating procedures (SOPs).


6. Creativity and Innovation

Skills and familiarity gained from experience have their limits. Look at the scalability of their best practices. Someone creative and innovative enough to search for ways and tools to 10x their results will be your power player. Remember that leaders create more leaders.


It is not easy to spot your sales and marketing leaders as every candidate has their nuances. Now that you are aware of these undertones, you can easily qualify and disqualify. At Vault, we also help businesses on that part and we do it full-time for almost a decade. Click here to speak with one of our experts.

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