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If you are preparing for growth, finding cost savings or need back-office support in today’s expensive and competitive environment – we are here to help.

Our Story

Vault’s Story

Our story started with a business venture within the Financial Services sector by the owner of Vault Outsourcing, Dean Hutton. Dean was looking for ways to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve efficiency. He trialled many outsourcing companies but concluded that no current outsourcer was looking into his organisation to find the best solutions and practices to benefit from. The business was just another number…

Forward on several years, Vault was created for the organisations out there that are looking to uniquely scale up and gain the competitive edge over their competition through tailored solutions to your business, industry and culture.



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Vault’s model is to help you build a team in the Philippines around your existing staff, allowing you to scale quickly without the overheads. The Philippines based team is an extension of your local staff.

The Philippines has a large pool of talented, educated and skilled people. While cost is a factor, the importance of being able to quickly scale a team is a major advantage.

Vault has structures in place during the hiring and onboarding process to ensure your team members are the right fit for your business. We have dedicated HR professionals that work with you to conduct performance evaluations during their employment.

At Vault, the team members report directly to your company on a daily basis. We want to ensure that you maintain close communication with your team ensuring quality to your standards.

Traditional outsourcing mainly fits roles that are process oriented and have repeatable tasks that can be easily documented. At Vault we have considerable experience in the Fintech sector and can offer Knowledge Process Outsourcing which is more about providing core information-based business activities.

Generally you would expect outsourcing to the Philippines to be around 50-70% of hiring locally.

With specialist knowledge in financial services and a long history of working with clients in banking, finance, buy-now-pay-later and loan servicing companies, Vault can offer staff and solutions that bring experience to your organisation.

A recent survey by PwC, 20% of Fintech companies already outsource their technology needs, and 65% of those businesses surveyed indicated they will outsource in the near future. Along with cost savings, this growth has been attributed to increased flexibility, speed to market and specialist innovation.

Outsourcing opens up opportunities for your core team members to focus on innovation and customer acquisition safe in the knowledge that their products and services are being provided to customers at a high quality. With Vault we have specialised expertise that can cross over to help with providing innovative and scalable solutions.

Being a financial services focused company we understand the need for data security and have implemented the highest levels of network and physical security through our providers. We can work with you to provide the level of security that works best for your needs.

A mixture of:

  • A relationship with a trusted partner who could grow with us
  • Adaptability to our changing needs
  • High BCR (benefit-cost ratio)

Their ability to swiftly meet our customer needs while we were rapidly scaling our business allowed us to consistently improve the value delivered to our customers rather than face bottlenecks, extra hurdles, and other forms of “brakes” that would have halted our momentum.

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