Why Offshoring is Taking Off in Australia

Why Offshoring is Taking Off in Australia

According to new data, 75% of Aussie employers report difficulty in finding the talent they need. The number of occupations experiencing a skills shortage in Australia has almost doubled over the past year. To add, this talent crunch is not going anywhere soon. Amidst COVID restrictions being lifted and borders being open again, data reveals that the number of qualified workers is simply not high enough to dampen the shortfall. Hence, businesses need to look for new methods of obtaining and retaining talent. Thus, why offshoring has taken off in Australia?


To resolve this skills crisis, forward-thinking Australian businesses have looked into offshoring. According to the Australian Financial Review, firms save as much as $47,000 per employee by utilising offshore labour. Firms say they are utilising offshore talents in growing numbers for varied functions within their businesses.


Not only does offshoring answer the talent crunch in Australia, but this model also proves to be the solution to drive more revenue and competitiveness. Businesses across a variety of industries are now increasingly utilising offshoring solutions as they search for innovative and effective ways to achieve their goals and gain a competitive advantage. Offshoring would not only support the industry’s revenue growth, but it is also a great way to address the operational needs of a business.


What began as a crisis response and a cost-saving strategy for businesses has now evolved into an immensely compelling business management solution and with this, many offshoring providers have also emerged. Making an informed decision about choosing an offshoring partner is crucial to any business.


Businesses that incorporate offshored teams into their operating strategy have immediate access to a talent pool of highly qualified individuals. Individuals adept in a variety of tasks, from sophisticated back-office operations to sales and analytics at a 70% savings. Offshoring is so powerful now that it cannot be ignored.  It is, without a doubt, the single most powerful tool available to businesses today.


In the upcoming years, the industry anticipates that the use of offshored teams will increase dramatically as remote working becomes more prevalent. The single global economy is fast approaching. It’s fine to opt-out, but, likely, your competitors will not.


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At Vault, we make the process of hiring and managing your dedicated team easier and more efficient so that you can get on with running your business.


How we do this at Vault differs from other offshoring partners in many ways that benefit you. We do this by providing:

  • Flexible solutions tailored to your company’s requirements
  • A hands-on approach with the CEO personally consulting your company
  • Connections with exceptional talent that will support your goals and vision
  • Different work models that suit you, including Full-time on-site, Full-time working from home, Hybrid
  • Dedicated teams that learn every detail about your business from your vision and mission to the day-to-day requirements of running your company
  • A guarantee that we will form the right team that aligns with your business objectives
  • An honest approach to identifying if offshoring is the right fit for your company
  • Competitive pricing tailored for your company


Offshoring is taking off in Australia and around the globe. The majority of the businesses taking this leap to innovation are ready for immense growth – are you?