Secrets to Finding AI-Powered Talents

Secrets to Finding AI-Powered Talents
When discussing the capabilities that involve AI, it is easy to think of tech bros, Silicon Valley and simply big tech in general. However, since the immense impact of chatGPT in 2022, the entire landscape of the business world has shifted. So let’s talk about the Secrets to Finding AI-powered talents!


You can be a seasoned individual with all the accolades and awards but employers would still look for something more than tech-savvy. Fortunately, that’s not your problem as a business owner. Your problem is to look for someone who has the skills that are needed for real-world problem-solving and not just cherries their CV. Going back to being tech-savvy, it’s not about being computer literate at this point, it should be someone who knows their AI.


Although anyone would say “Yes, I use AI every day,” 80% of the time, they just use chatGPT.


That’s fine but for a specialist, that is not enough. This brings us to the argument that when looking for digital talent, don’t look for tools, look for skills.


What do we mean by that? Here are the secrets to finding your AI-powered talents:


1. Adversity Quotient (AQ)

These days, employees must be proactive in exploration and adaptability. Humans may naturally have resistance to continuously changing work but it’s what will separate mediocre teams from efficient and effective ones.


2. Fundamentals (Over Apps)

For example, a video editor who is used to Adobe Premiere but deeply rooted in his/her craft can easily transition to CapCut and master it within a week. Compared to someone who is a purist and only loyal to a tool that is late in the game of innovation. A practitioner who knows the foundation of their domain may stumble for a bit when switching from one app to another but will outwork everyone once they leverage new features that previously required manual work.


3. Critical Thinking

AI doesn’t have consciousness therefore this skill is irreplaceable. No matter how many apps someone knows, it’s only their input that will determine how good their output is. Think of creativity. For instance, a marketer who does not know how to do graphic design but can clearly describe what picture they are trying to generate can produce deliverables faster through AI.


In summary, it is never going to be easy to find top talents that are future-ready let alone quickly become a digital company that is ahead of the curve. So if you are looking to find individuals that are compatible with your agile organisation, keep these green flags in mind to easily your AI-powered talents.


If you’re looking for a partner to find your top-tier talents, feel free to let us know as these are guardrails that we follow in searching for professionals who are not just good on paper but also put in the work. Contact us here or book a call with our experts using this link.

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