Outsourcing vs. In-housing

offshoring vs in-house staffing

The development, growth, and success of any firm depend heavily on contracting or recruiting the right type of employees. However, the expenditures of hiring, recruiting, and onboarding are really costly and don’t always produce the results you want.

Outsourcing, a strategy that has quickly gained popularity over the past ten years, is an alternative to recruiting new employees locally. Small to large multinational corporations outsource a significant chunk of their non-core functions to third-party companies. 

Why do they do this? What are the advantages of outsourcing over hiring in-house, and under what circumstances is outsourcing more advantageous? Outsourcing vs. In-housing – which is ultimately better for your business? Let’s find out.


Why has outsourcing become so popular among businesses?

An outsourcing strategy has a lot of advantages, but the major one it is known for is its cost-efficiency benefit. When compared to recruiting in-house, outsourcing can actually save businesses up to 70% of the expenditures associated with recruitment, hiring, and onboarding.

Another advantage of outsourcing is that it allows you access to a large network of highly skilled individuals who possess the motivation and experience necessary to advance your business.

It is almost impossible to not consider the benefit of being able to save money and having quick access to a wide variety of specialists, especially in a market where knowledge is scarce and competition is fierce.


Outsourcing vs. in-housing?

One of the main arguments in favour of in-housing vs outsourcing is the notion that your in-house employees are more likely to be dependable and committed to your company than remote outsourced employees from other countries.

When you partner with Vault Outsourcing, however, all of your offshore employees will be committed and dedicated to your company’s objectives and work for you full-time. The foundation of our business approach is our awareness that our clients need dedicated and talented employees. And that’s exactly what we offer. Vault finds only the best and most qualified employees for your brand, culture, and requirements. We make sure that the team we build for you breathes, bleeds, and lives by your company’s goals and culture. Vault implements strict testing and qualification procedures to assist you in creating your offshore super teams.


When is in-house better?

When you require new employees to carry out your business’s core functions, in-housing is an appropriate staffing strategy. It’s also appropriate if you prefer to have your team on-site and in close proximity. And also when you want total control over a particular task or project.

Vault, however, can assist you in creating an offshore team of dependable, committed, competent, and highly experienced individuals. A team who can easily communicate and work with your in-house team and collaborate on the same objectives. 

With Vault’s expert advisor service and consultative approach, Vault will also deliver custom solutions, tailored to your industry, your culture, and your one-of-a-kind challenges. 

Partnering with Vault will help your business thrive, maximise your profits, and save up to 70% in operational costs.


How to start outsourcing?

To begin, we arrange an initial consultation. This is to identify your company’s needs and document the number of team members required, budget, and types of roles that will form your dedicated team. 

We then provide feedback and a plan as well as market research to assist with your decision. 

You may book a slot through this scheduling link.