Our Pricing

There’s no doubt that cost is a large factor when considering building an offshore team. In the past companies have seen significant cost savings in moving their operations and back-office processing offshore.

These days, with highly educated and skilled staff, the cost is less of a factor making way for being able to scale and grow rapidly, as well as removing the overhead costs of managing staff.

In general, outsourcing to the Philippines can be incredibly cost-effective, with rates being between 50% and 70% of local salaries. In specialist areas, where local employees are attracting six-figure salaries, this can be a significant factor.

Vault’s costing model is transparent and open, with the client paying a fixed amount that covers the staff member’s salary and benefits.

Vault will always be transparent with costs and can provide you with a breakdown of how this is made up.

To discuss current rates for the skillset you require, please reach out and one of our specialists will be able to give an estimate of the possible salary ranges for your roles.

Take a peek at a few examples of
real candidates available to you

Debt Collector

Margaux Ponce

An effective debt collector with 10+ years of experience in skip tracing, negotiating and payment processing. Collects accounts in compliance with all applicable regulations (ASIC, ACC) and internal performance standards in order to meet personal and team goal objectives. Experienced in communicating with debtors by telephone, email, and SMS. Performed first and third-party collections making at least 200 calls per day.


  • Negotiation
  • Payment arrangements
  • Collections systems and databases
  • Insolvency and Part IX
  • Risk and asset management solutions
  • Automated dialer experience
  • Experienced in using various skip tracing tools such as Detective Desk, Veda, Tica, etc.
Product Analyst

Kristofer Bauza

Over 6 years of financial and leadership experience working with retail credit care finance. Kristofer has a background in underwriting, sales and service, collections, and admin. He is experienced in understanding system workflows and identifying how to meet business requirements. He also conducts quality analysis and user acceptance training ensuring projects meet expectations without disrupting operations.


  • Performance Improvement Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Complaints Handling
  • Data Analysis / Business Intelligence
  • Credit Assessment / Underwriting